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Make Your Patients Fall In Love With Your Practice: Part 1

Published on April 10, 2013 By EHRblogger

Nowadays, technology provides a transparent channel for unsatisfied patients to easily share their experiences about their medical visits—anywhere and at any time. Whether they share it on Yelp.com, Twitter, Facebook, a blog, or an online forum, their unhappy impressions could bring negative consequences to the medical practice. Therefore it’s imperative to convert bad reviews into [...]

Meaningful Use: Why It Matters For Patients

Published on March 29, 2013 By EHRblogger

Meaningful use is difficult to understand, even for physicians. Its many measures have left doctors with questions like: What regulations apply to my practice? What is mandatory and what is optional? At my practice, who is responsible for compliance? How will meaningful use affect my workflow? Another important question physicians should be considering is: How [...]

The Social Media Guru Says: Don’t Just Advertise—Engage Your Audience

Published on February 26, 2013 By EHRblogger

Social media is an interactive marketing channel—think of it like a telephone. You would never ignore calls when people contact your practice. So why ignore their posts, comments or tweets? To effectively use social media, it’s important to stay engaged and interact with other users. According to the New York Times article, Can Social Media [...]

Medical Marketing: The Basics and More

Published on March 2, 2012 By EHRblogger

Welcome to our monthly medical marketing series! In the initial e-mails, we will provide an overview of the basics, and we’ll follow up with more in-depth medical marketing concepts in the coming months. As a medical practice, it’s important to successfully market yourself in order to attract new patients and physician referrals. A robust, organized, [...]

How to Keep an EHR in 10 Ways

Published on February 24, 2012 By EHRblogger

In the movie How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, starlet Kate Hudson makes every mistake a woman can make to drive a man away, while heartthrob Matthew McConaughey does just the opposite—he makes all the right decisions and compromises to make the relationship work. Now, imagine the protagonists are an EHR and a [...]