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Meaningful Use: Why It Matters For Patients

Published on March 29, 2013 By EHRblogger

Meaningful use is difficult to understand, even for physicians. Its many measures have left doctors with questions like: What regulations apply to my practice? What is mandatory and what is optional? At my practice, who is responsible for compliance? How will meaningful use affect my workflow? Another important question physicians should be considering is: How [...]

Top 10 EHR Topics of 2011

Published on January 20, 2012 By EHRblogger

It has been a productive year for our blog, leaving us with a great deal of enthusiasm for 2012. But before we move forward, we’d like to share the most popular EHR and EMR topics of 2011. Here are 10 of our most memorable and popular posts of 2011: 10) EMR and EHR: Where Are [...]

Meaningful Use Workflow…How Meaningful Is It to You?

Published on November 3, 2011 By EHRblogger

Consider the possibility of earning $44,000 per physician in government incentives by demonstrating meaningful use with your certified EHR system. Is demonstrating meaningful use important to you? Or are you concerned about decreased levels of productivity and being forced to change your normal workflow? There still remains a misconception that if you purchase an EHR, [...]