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The EHR Vendor Perspective: Physicians Are Not The Only Ones That Struggle

Published on May 17, 2013 By EHRblogger

The healthcare information technology (HIT) market moves at a pace unlike any other industry. It seems if you took a week’s vacation, you would be left in the dust. Under the wide umbrella of Health IT, no area is growing and changing more than EHRs. Here’s what a lot of physicians don’t realize: EHR vendors [...]

Getting the Most out of Your EHR Conference Experience

Published on February 2, 2012 By EHRblogger

Attending an EHR conference is a great stepping stone to gaining knowledge and expanding your professional network. EHR conferences provide the greatest benefits when you come prepared with questions, a well-thought-out agenda, and a thirst for coffee and networking. So how do you get the most out of your EHR conference? Here’s a valuable guide [...]

Little White EHR Lies

Published on October 27, 2011 By EHRblogger

The truth of the matter is—white lies sell. Stretching the truth and/or omitting details are natural instincts among competitors. With that being said, you cannot help but wonder if the EHR vendors you are considering are being completely honest with you. Here are some of the most common “white lies” that most EHR vendors wish [...]

12 Crucial Questions to Ask EHR References

Published on July 14, 2011 By EHRblogger

In your search for the best EHR for your practice, you’ve already asked the 10 Key Questions to Ask EHR Vendors; now it’s time to see if their responses live up to your expectations. However, you can’t rely entirely on vendor promises—the only way to get a clear and truthful picture of whether an EHR [...]

EHR: Experience from the Field

Published on June 9, 2011 By EHRblogger

At the recent HIT Policy Committee public hearing in Washington D.C., many speakers with experience in the field commented about electronic health record (EHR) vendors, implementation, and functionality. For those of you currently engaged in an EHR search process, plan to begin one soon, or are considering switching systems, the comments below from the public [...]