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The EHR Vendor Perspective: Physicians Are Not The Only Ones That Struggle

Published on May 17, 2013 By EHRblogger

The healthcare information technology (HIT) market moves at a pace unlike any other industry. It seems if you took a week’s vacation, you would be left in the dust. Under the wide umbrella of Health IT, no area is growing and changing more than EHRs. Here’s what a lot of physicians don’t realize: EHR vendors [...]

Warning: Inside EHR Info Nobody Told You

Published on June 21, 2012 By EHRblogger

As you search for an EHR, it’s common to be told exactly what you want to hear, but then be surprised later with unwelcomed results. Many EHR users are unhappy because they experience unforeseen problems that could have been easily avoided had they been fully educated. It is imperative that you perform comprehensive due diligence [...]

Has Your EHR Broken Your Heart?

Published on February 17, 2012 By EHRblogger

Does your EHR provide the understanding, communication, and support that it initially promised? Or have you discovered your EHR’s hidden dark side—it demands too much of your time and energy and doesn’t give you enough back in return? Now that you’re past the honeymoon stage, is your relationship broken beyond Cupid’s repair? Here are 5 [...]

Do You Recognize the 5 Early Warning Signs of EHR Failure?

Published on December 23, 2011 By EHRblogger

You’ve finally taken the step and purchased an EHR system. So, are you experiencing increased productivity, streamlined workflow, seamless integrations, and making it home in time for dinner? Or rather, are you finding that your physicians and staff are spending more time entering data than interacting with patients, your support tickets go unanswered, and you’re [...]

5 Necessities of Highly Effective EHR Implementations

Published on September 16, 2011 By EHRblogger

Whether your medical practice is switching over to a new electronic health record (EHR) system or converting from a paper chart system, the change will impact every person at your practice. Preparing your staff, setting expectations, and retaining the best EHR implementation team will help make your EHR adoption successful and your experience positive. Here [...]