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Because Breaking Up With Your EHR Partner Isn’t Hard To Do…

Published on July 29, 2013 By EHRblogger

Here are the top 9 reasons why 31.2% of medical providers are moving on to a better relationship with a new EHR partner.

Fun Friday Read

Published on April 19, 2013 By EHRblogger

Check out, “Shopping for an EHR (the second time around)” by Sheryl Cash!  Cash provides valuable insight on understanding that it’s important to avoid making the same mistakes the second time around when replacing your failing EHR. Enjoy!

Has Your EHR Broken Your Heart?

Published on February 17, 2012 By EHRblogger

Does your EHR provide the understanding, communication, and support that it initially promised? Or have you discovered your EHR’s hidden dark side—it demands too much of your time and energy and doesn’t give you enough back in return? Now that you’re past the honeymoon stage, is your relationship broken beyond Cupid’s repair? Here are 5 [...]

EHR: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly—Real Life Stories

Published on July 28, 2011 By EHRblogger

In 14 years of business, we’ve heard thousands of EHR stories from physicians, administrators, and other medical staff. We’ve noticed a few clear trends as the stories fall into 3 distinct categories. Let’s call them the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: The Good “With [ABC] EHR, I navigate my patients’ clinical data faster and [...]

EHR: Experience from the Field

Published on June 9, 2011 By EHRblogger

At the recent HIT Policy Committee public hearing in Washington D.C., many speakers with experience in the field commented about electronic health record (EHR) vendors, implementation, and functionality. For those of you currently engaged in an EHR search process, plan to begin one soon, or are considering switching systems, the comments below from the public [...]