5 Useful Apps for Healthcare Professionals

Remember when you walked into an exam room and grabbed a paper chart to check your patient’s medical status? Or your medical school days spent sitting in your dorm room with a book opened and a highlighter in hand? Better days are here for healthcare professionals, and, today, there’s an app for every need.

Here, we walk you through the top 5 most useful apps for healthcare professionals:

1. Medscape

Devices: Kindle Fire, iOS, Android, and Blackberry

Useful for: Physicians, nurses, medical students, and administrative staff

Cost: Free

Customer Ratings: 4 stars

Medscape, from WebMD, allows you to have the essentials at your fingertips, including: drug, disease, conditional, procedures and protocol references. This app also has more than 100 videos that demonstrate common procedures and provides you with the latest healthcare news.

2. MEDtube Medical

Devices: iOS and Android

Useful for: Medical students and patients

Cost: Free

Customer Ratings: No current ratings

MEDtube Medical is a new app that allows you to surf educational videos showing various medical surgeries and procedures. These videos can be seen by any medical professional around the world. There are over 11,000 educational videos that walk you through critical surgeries step by step. Some have even recommended this app for patients that would like to get a deeper understanding of surgeries they may be having.

3. Skeletal System Pro II

Devices: iOS

Useful for: Physicians, nurses, and medical students

Cost: $2.99

Customer Ratings: 5 stars

Unfortunately, Skeletal System Pro II is only compatible with iOS devices. This app is the result of a collaboration between Stanford University School of Medicine and Apple. It offers a 3-D look at the human body with 360 degree rotation, movement animations, annotations, zooming functions, and even name pronunciations. Connective tissues can be viewed through a scalpel tool, and references about several body parts are available through the app.

4. docbookMD

Devices: iOS and Android

Useful for: Physicians

Cost: Free

Customer Ratings: 3.5 stars

This is the Facebook of physicians. docbookMD is a communication app that allows physicians who are members to participate and interact with one another. Users can access patient information such as x-rays and EKGs and a directory of local physicians and pharmacies. The app facilitates collaboration between physicians, and it is HIPAA-secure.

5. TXTcrypt

Devices: iOS and Android

Useful to: Physicians, nurses, and medical staff

Cost: Free

Customer Ratings: 3 stars

We had a blog reader ask us to recommend HIPAA compliant texting apps other than Tiger Text. So, here it is! TXTcrypt allows you to have a private conversation through short messaging (SMS). The way it works is: 1) Type any message you want and a password 2) Tell the person receiving the message what the password is, and 3) The receiver uses TXTcrypt to decode the message by inputting the password. This app is easy to use and compatible between mobile and desktop devices.

Interested in another type of healthcare app? Check out iMedicalApps for more useful apps or our latest app SRS Tx app. This app saves time and frees physicians from Dictaphones, computer screens, and dial-ins by pulling patient lists—along with their dictation templates—loaded with smart text.

Do you have a favorite medical app? Share your thoughts in the comments box and we’ll be sure to feature it in future blog posts!


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