The EHR Vendor Perspective: Physicians Are Not The Only Ones That Struggle

The healthcare information technology (HIT) market moves at a pace unlike any other industry. It seems if you took a week’s vacation, you would be left in the dust.

Under the wide umbrella of Health IT, no area is growing and changing more than EHRs.

Here’s what a lot of physicians don’t realize: EHR vendors feel the burn of growing pains too.

Most EHR vendors have been stretched to the limit with the changing environment of HIT. They struggle with implementing new routines, updating their solutions, and maintaining certifications. The pace is hectic, and it can feel like there are not enough hours in a day to get it all done. The time crunch causes many vendors to do the bare minimum to upgrade their solutions, with some features getting pushed down the development roadmap. Unfortunately, the bare minimum in solutions upgrades is usually driven by Meaningful Use Certification and not features that would improve usability for physicians.

It seems many EHR vendors have completely lost sight of what their systems were supposed to do from the beginning: Support the physician.

In an article on Government Health IT, Tim Andrews, VP of Booz Allen Hamilton describes a universal mission statement that can be used by EHR vendors when developing their EHR systems in the future:

“Truly effective user experience remains vital to the future success of our integrated healthcare system. We must look at the complete user experience, however, and not sacrifice power for ease of use. If we strike the right balance between function and performance with usability, we can meet the future health IT needs and match the skills of the user from beginner to expert, consumer to clinician.”

Remember: An EHR should help the physician provide the best possible medical care for their patients. Although there are the initial growing pains on both sides- the long term result will be rewarding!

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