Brand Marketing: The Experience is Everything

What does the word “brand” bring to mind? Perhaps you think about the last commercial you saw, an eye-catching logo, a clever slogan or jingle, or a memorable customer service encounter.

But did you ever think about how branding factors into your medical practice?

Everything a patient experiences can contribute to your brand, including:

  • Appointment scheduling process
  • Arrival at office entrance
  • Welcoming procedures
  • Completion of data collection forms
  • Waiting time
  • Interactions with the physician
  • Waiting room environment-cleanliness and comfort

All of these experiences can be positive or negative. So, how can you ensure they are all positive? Communication is the key component for creating positive experiences.

Here are 5 areas to consider when striving for fluent communication with your patients:

  1. Graphics: Graphics can include logos, taglines, website design, and any visual material. Make sure your graphics stand out visually and branded to best reflect your practice.
  2. Written Communications: This can include flyers, medical forms, billing forms, etc. Clear and simple will best get your practice message across.
  3. Digital Communications: Digital communications encompass e-mails, social media networks, and patient portals. When using social media, practice administrators can take advantage of “real-time” interaction with patients. They can inform patients about news, practice alerts, last-minute cancellations, updates, reminders, practice schedules, etc.
  4. Verbal Communications: Voicemails, phone calls, automatic phone messages, and face-to-face communications should always feature a clear message to your patients.
  5. Silent Communications: Finally, your staff’s body language and attitude toward patients is just as important as any other form of communication. A positive manner will provide a welcoming office atmosphere, and may encourage a higher patient return rate.

There are layers and layers of patient experience to consider when closing the gap between what you want your brand experience to be and how it’s defined. Pay attention to your patients’ needs and ask for their feedback. This is a great way to ensure the customer experience is positive and for you to understand if you’re on the right track of branding your practice.


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