6 Reasons Why Doctors Should Tweet

You might not immediately think that Twitter is the right communication tool for your medical practice.  It’s true that it has a certain appeal to the “always connected” set but for anyone with an online presence, Twitter provides tremendous reach.  It’s not just about what you had for breakfast.

As a medical professional, consider using Twitter as just one more way to communicate with your patients and colleagues.

  1. Share information- This is the most common use on Twitter. Tweet a short message (no more than 140 characters) and link to your website. More traffic to your website can mean an increase in patients.
  2. Direct messaging- This is the only feature in Twitter that is private.  Need to reach a patient or colleague?  Direct messaging lets you do so with privacy.
  3. Get quick clinical help- Many physicians are now using Twitter to share information about actual cases. This allows a doctor to reach out to anyone “following” him or her and consult with other professionals.
  4. Practice management- Take advantage of the “real-time” news that Twitter offers and send practice alerts such as last minute cancelations, updates, arrivals of vaccines, reminders, and practice schedules.
  5. Build relationships with your patients- Twitter is a great way to build relationships with your patients. Interact with them, get to know them, and build trust and loyalty.
  6. Learn and share- Medical journals and healthcare bloggers often tweet their content- Follow them and get the latest insights on healthcare.

Ready to get started?  Sign up for a Twitter account here.  It takes just a few minutes.  And don’t forget to follow SRSsoft on Twitter for the latest news and updates.

Are you already using Twitter? Share your tips in the comments.

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