Analyzing 2013 as the “Year of the Great EHR Vendor Switch”

Healthcare and Information Technology are two dynamic industries that directly impact providers on a daily basis. In this post, I would like to analyze some fascinating research and commentary from Healthcare IT authors that spend their lives deciphering flaws in the Healthcare Information Technology industry.

Susan Hall of FierceEMR believes 2013 could be the “Year of the Great EHR Vendor Switch” based on a recent Black Book Rankings report and she’s not the only one. The majority of high-volume specialists, such as orthopedists and ophthalmologists, also agree. Lack of feature development, poor implementations, and unresponsive client support are just a few of the main complaints plaguing nearly 17,000 EHRs users of hundreds, of HCIT firms. High-volume specialists reported that they are experiencing disrupted workflow, poor patient retention, and a drop in revenue.

She continues stating that “One-size-fits-all systems don’t fit many practices–especially those of specialists…” In the same report, high-revenue specialists were among the 79% of the 17,000 EHR users surveyed who conceded that their existing EHR was purchased without fully analyzing the practice’s needs.

Doug Brown of Black Book reasons that “the high performance vendors that will emerge as viable past 2015 are those dedicating responsive teams to address customers’ current demands.” He continues saying that the top three compelling reasons for practices to consider switching from their current EMR are:

  1. Solution does not meet the individual needs of this practice, including workflow (80%)
  2. Practice did not adequately assess our needs before selecting the original EHR (79%)
  3. Design of solution is not suited for their practice specialty/specialties (77%)

He also presents that the top three “must haves” in 2013 beyond basic EHR functionality are:

  1. Vendor viability (84%)
  2. Provider data integration and network data sharing (83%)
  3. Demonstrable return on investment and clinical improvements (78%)

From this data, we can conclude that an EHR Revolution has indeed begun. This is the time for high-volume specialists to find the right Healthcare IT partner. Critical analysis of the EHR’s ability to align with their practice’s objectives is crucial as government incentives and penalties evolve over time.



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