A Website… It’s More Than Just a “Visit”

You’ve tried your best to optimize your medical practice’s website. You probably have a good Google search ranking, your content is accurate and up-to-date, and your ‘hash tag’ is the new trend on Twitter. But for some reason, your patient visits haven’t increased.

So now you are sitting at your desk saying, “I’m done with marketing!”

We say, “Not quite yet.”

It’s important to remember that businesses create websites to promote their products and services, and to offer a virtual information center for potential clients. Therefore, your website should be set up to provide:

  • Painless navigation
  • Easy search capabilities
  • An area to ask questions
  • Up-to-date information

Here are 5 introductory suggestions to get more than “just a visit” to your website:

  1. Effective Headline: Your goal is to inform visitors of what your site is about.  For example, if a restaurant creates a headline for their site that states, “Pop’s Good Ole’ Cheeseburgers,” this draws attention to one of its flagship products and ideally, leads to more sales.
  2. Targeted Content: Providing more information than what your visitors need or want may confuse or bore your visitors. Keep your website content clean, simple, and targeted so your audience remains engaged.
  3. Audience Segmentation: Your practice will typically have 2 types of visitors: current patients and prospective patients. Current patients may be searching for hours of operation, contact information, and e-billing options. Prospective patients may be more interested in why your practice is the best choice for them, what type of services you offer and more. Layer and section your information to accommodate your web visitors and their unique interests.
  4. Public Relations: New patients tend to rely heavily on patient referrals. Current patient quotes and testimonials can help your visitor decide whether you provide a good service or not, and will also increase your practice’s credibility.
  5. Call To Action (CTA): Always have a specific CTA on each page that directs your visitors to where you want them to be. For practices, we recommend, “Contact Us” or “Learn More”–the viewers will get what they need, and you’ll get specific information from the contact form they complete.

We hope by putting these 5 recommendations into practice, you see your website visitor numbers increase, along with your bottom line! Remember, the key to effective website marketing is to make it clear to read, easy to understand, and quick to navigate.


Marketing Team


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