Top 10 EHR Topics in 2012

Happy New Year! It has been a busy year for our EHR and EMR Insights blog so we thought we’d share our top 10 most popular posts from 2012:

Take a look back and enjoy:

10. Strengthen Your Bottom Line: 7 Immediate EHR Benefits 

Would you like to strengthen the bottom line of your medical practice? With the right EHR, you can increase revenue, cut expenses, and enjoy the benefits of a well-organized and efficient office…read more

9. Is It Time? Assessing Your EHR Readiness 

Are you ready to take the EHR plunge? Take a moment to evaluate your current situation and status…read more

8. Data Exchange: Reaching beyond the Walls of Your Practice 

As we move towards greater demands for EHR interoperability, health information exchange (HIE) is an increasingly important means of sharing healthcare-related data…read more

7. Managing Meaningful Use: Customer Support Is Imperative 

Partnering with an EHR vendor who lives up to the promise of providing high-quality customer service assures that your practice will experience long-lasting success…read more

6. Delinquent EHRs and the Doctors Who Hate Them 

Unfortunately, there are still too many delinquent EHRs out there, and too many stories of practices faced with unexpected expenses, decreased patient satisfaction, nerve-wracking workflow disruptions, and sharp drops in the quality of life…read more

5. 5 Questions You Should Ask EHR Executives 

It’s important to ask questions during your EHR selection process, but it’s even more important to know which questions to ask…read more

4. Top 5 Changes in Patient Expectations 

As health care information technology (HCIT) advances, EHRs continue to be both a valuable asset for patients and a necessity for physicians…read more

3. Warning: Inside-EHR Info Nobody Told You 

As you search for an EHR, it’s common to be told exactly what you want to hear, but then be surprised later with unwelcomed results…read more

2. EHR Implementation: Don’t Let Fear Hold You Back 

If you are thinking about transitioning your practice from paper charts to an EHR, or even transitioning from your old EHR vendor to a new one, you’re most likely concerned about the implementation process and the long-term impact on your practice…read more

1. EHR Interoperability: Making Sense of It All 

In Stage 2 of meaningful use, interoperability takes center stage: there’s increased attention and focus on the sharing of data. It’s more important than ever to understand the differences among EHR vendors’ data…read more

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