Servers and PCs-Aren’t They Just Computers?

In a previous post, we introduced you to our first guest blogger, Gregory Nizich from Custom Computer Specialists, Inc., with his article, “Why Are Servers More Expensive Than PCs—Aren’t They All Just Computers?” We hope you found the information beneficial. As promised, here is the continuation of his previous blog. Enjoy!

How is a virtual server different from a regular server?

In a medical practice, maximizing office space and minimizing operating cost are two critical factors that drive decision making. As practices grow, the number of physical servers also grows to accommodate the needs of the business.

For example, a practice may have a domain server, a practice management software server, an EMR server, an e-mail server, a file server, and a terminal server. All of these servers take up space, consume electricity, and require support. This is where a virtual server can help! A virtual server is a single “box” that has the brain power and storage capability of many servers, perhaps a dozen. The brains and storage, contained in the single box, can be carved up into individual servers.

When you look at the screen, the virtual server looks no different than the physical server. But in reality, all of the above servers are actually contained in this single box, which typically only requires a single second server “box” for backup. Reducing 6 servers down to 2 can save practices a lot of money. Less space is required, electrical expenses are reduced, and fewer moving parts mean lower support costs.

I hope this information offers you an understanding as to why servers cost more than PCs, why PCs cannot be used as servers, and when a virtual server may be the right choice.

Gregory Nizich
Healthcare Account Manager
Custom Computer Specialists

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