SRS EHR User Summit: Top 13 Favorite Feedback Responses

Two weeks ago, we hosted our clients at our biggest and most successful annual User Summit yet! It was a wonderful learning and networking experience for everyone involved—both our clients and the SRS staff.

After reading our clients’ rave testimonials and User Summit surveys, and reflecting on all the conversations had, we thought it would be a fantastic opportunity to share our Top 13 Favorite User Summit feedback responses…directly from the voices of our clients:

  1. “SRS has lived up to its reputation—our doctors were thrilled to maintain their patient productivity from Day 1.”
  2. “Our practice completed attestation on Friday, October 5, 2012. A month ahead of our goal date! We would not have been able to achieve this goal without SRS. Thank you!”
  3. “As a physician, this is one of the best and most unique conferences that I have ever attended. The CEO of SRS, Evan Steele, was at the conference throughout, and I was able to question him multiple times throughout the 3 days. The chief programmers were furiously taking notes on my questions and on everyone else’s. They were very responsive, and even solved one of my issues remotely on my work desktop computer while I was here. What a great company…”
  4. “Thank you SRS for all your support for Meaningful Use Stage 1.”
  5. “The SRS EHR is above and ahead of all other EHRs. SRS has proven their commitment to the client by continuously striving to make their software user friendly and more efficient.”
  6. “We have only been live for a few weeks. The SRS team has given us the confidence and knowledge to dive directly into our attestation period. We will achieve our goals because of the SRS technology and team.”
  7. “Evan is Steve Jobs reincarnated!”
  8. “SRS has transformed our practice. In 5 and a half years, we have scanned and shredded 41,000 paper charts, creating room for a doctor’s office, 2 exam rooms, a front desk work station, and a mail/recycling area. We are on the verge of attesting for MU thanks to a strong support team and top management who are involved in the minutia of the software. We are an SRS success story!”
  9. “My practice has been using SRS EHR for 9 years. It is very easy to use and user friendly! Our providers love it! The meaningful use module is a no brainer and the SRS staff has been there for us every step of the way. SRS support staff is very helpful! They always go above and beyond to ensure they assist you with any questions or issues you have! They stand by their ‘ETP’ (eager to please) motto!”
  10. “Having only used ePrescribing for 1 year, we found moving to Version 8 and meaningful use in 3-4 months’ time not as difficult as I thought. Due to the support from SRS in training, it has been an easy transition. Thanks for all of your help!”
  11. “NJ sure does have the best cupcakes!”
  12. “Install, implementation, and training far exceeded our expectations. Our physicians have managed to complete all requirements and continue their full busy schedules.”
  13. “SRS really does deliver what they advertise. We have been with SRS for 10 years and they have provided great customer service, even during their growth.”

Thank you to all our clients who attended this year’s User Summit. We’re so proud we’ve had such a positive impact in your lives, and we look forward to many more years of partnership.

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