EHR Test: Is Your EHR Vendor Treating You Right?

EHR Test: Is Your EHR Vendor Treating You Right?You’ve had your EHR for some time and your practice isn’t benefiting as you had hoped and were promised. You notice there’s a lack of product flexibility and functionality, customer service isn’t responsive, and you’ve heard unsettling complaints from other practices using the same system. Is it time to replace your failing EHR?

Here’s a short quiz to test the strength of your EHR vendor:

  1. Your staff is having technical difficulties with your EHR and you need help immediately. You contact your vendor support line and:
    A. Your call is answered by a friendly employee who immediately directs you to the support team, and you receive the assistance you need.
    B. You’re greeted with an automated voicemail system, and are then trapped in a continuous loop of confusing options with no hope of talking to an actual person. You leave a message that goes unanswered indefinitely.
    C. You reach a disgruntled operator, only to be accidentally hung up on or forwarded to the wrong department.
  2. Members of your staff aren’t fully confident using your EHR. Your vendor responds:
    A. “No worries! We have dedicated and knowledgeable specialists who are more than happy to walk you through the proper steps. And if you ever have additional questions, you can easily get in touch with our support team via e-mail or phone!”
    B. “We can connect you with a member of our team to help with additional support and training of your staff, but it will come at an additional cost.”
    C. “Good luck with that. Just keep trying things out. We’re sure if one person can understand, then the rest of your practice will figure it out eventually.”
  3. Your vendor promised its EHR would increase practice productivity. In reality:
    A. Productivity has increased practice-wide, patient satisfaction is at an all-time high, your practice performance is unmatched, and your ROI has exceeded projections.
    B. You’ve been struggling since day 1 of implementation and your staff workflow is profoundly disrupted. You’ve had to cut back on patient visits to keep up with manual data entry, and you’re forced to take additional training at extra costs.
    C. Productivity has decreased to the point where you’ve given up and reverted back to paper charts—or now maintain both paper and incomplete digital charts—which is necessary due to your overly-complex EHR.

Let’s face it—if your EHR vendor did not score straight A’s, then it’s time to start considering other options. It doesn’t have to be this hard! The right EHR vendor will make promises it can keep: increased productivity, greater efficiency, reduced costs, enhanced patient care, and improved quality of life.

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