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Why Are Servers More Expensive Than PCs—Aren’t They All Just Computers?

September 26, 2012

In our quest to provide you with insightful EHR information, we will be featuring guest bloggers from time to time. This week, we’re excited to host our first guest blogger, Gregory Nizich, Healthcare Technology Account Manager at Custom Computer Specialists, Inc. in Hauppauge, NY. We hope you find the information he provides helpful and useful. [...]

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EHR Test: Is Your EHR Vendor Treating You Right?

September 13, 2012

You’ve had your EHR for some time and your practice isn’t benefiting as you had hoped and were promised. You notice there’s a lack of product flexibility and functionality, customer service isn’t responsive, and you’ve heard unsettling complaints from other practices using the same system. Is it time to replace your failing EHR? Here’s a [...]

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