Warning: Inside EHR Info Nobody Told You

Warning: Inside EHR Info Nobody Told You
As you search for an EHR, it’s common to be told exactly what you want to hear, but then be surprised later with unwelcomed results. Many EHR users are unhappy because they experience unforeseen problems that could have been easily avoided had they been fully educated. It is imperative that you perform comprehensive due diligence before committing to an EHR provider so that you can ensure that your wants and needs are met without disappointments.

Here are 3 examples of what EHR vendors may neglect to mention:

  • Hidden costs won’t stay hidden for long—Maintenance fees, hardware and software upgrades, training and support fees, integration, installation, potential IT hires…the list goes on and on. Medical practices are often kept in the dark about the EHR system up-keep requirements. Imagine the unpleasant surprise when additional costs are discovered only after the purchase.
  • Point-and-click, not so productive after all—Many EHR purchasers were assured that their productivity would increase. But between all the drop-down menus, excessive clicking, overloaded windows, and disruptive implementation, physicians and staff later come to find that their productivity has plummeted. Why? Not all EHRs are as seamless and easy to use as promised, which inevitably distracts physicians and staff from focusing on patient care.
  • Workflow disturbance…was that in the agreement?—Lack of support or proper training inevitably disrupt your practice workflow because staff and physicians have to learn how to operate the EHR on their own. And since many EHR systems are difficult enough to understand even with support, your staff will either waste too much time on training themselves, or will fail to use the system to its fullest capabilities. In both instances, the practice and the patients bear the burden and suffer the consequences.

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