Hospital-Subsidized EHR: Will It Work for Your Practice?

Hospital-Subsidized EHR: Will It Work for  Your Practice?
Modifications in the Stark law have allowed hospitals to offer EHR-implementation subsidies to physicians. Although this incentive may seem appealing, many questions have been raised—all of them boiling down to the same basic concern: Will this system truly meet practice needs?

The following are some questions you and your physicians should discuss before deciding if a hospital-subsidized EHR is the best choice for your practice:

  • Does the hospital EHR have a proven track record in your specialty?
  • Will the hospital EHR workflow be compatible with your practice specialty?
  • Will your physicians be required to exchange data with the sponsoring hospital?
  • Is the system interoperable with other, neighboring hospital systems?
  • Will learning, training, and use of the hospital system interfere with your practice’s productivity?
  • How will support be handled after initial implementation, and who pays for it?
  • Will the hospital’s EHR vendor assist you and your physicians with creating customizable templates?
  • Will the system aid—or obstruct—your ability to qualify for government incentives?
  • If there are problems, will the hospital’s EHR vendor ensure that the system is compatible with pursuing meaningful use?
  • Who will own your data?

Think carefully when considering a hospital-subsidized EHR and make sure the EHR you choose supports your unique and specific needs.


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