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EHR Interoperability: Making Sense of It All

May 24, 2012

In Stage 2 of meaningful use, interoperability takes center stage; there’s increased attention and focus on the sharing of data. It’s more important than ever to understand the differences among EHR vendors’ data platforms and their approaches to interoperability. As the purchaser of a new EHR, your goal is to make collecting, managing, and sharing [...]

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5 Questions You Should Ask EHR Executives

May 17, 2012

It’s important to ask questions during your EHR selection process, but it’s even more important to know which questions to ask. Often, questions focus on the specific functionalities of the EHR. Although these should certainly play a role in your search process, you should also consider the bigger picture and ask about the long-term plans [...]

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Hospital-Subsidized EHR: Will It Work for Your Practice?

May 10, 2012

Modifications in the Stark law have allowed hospitals to offer EHR-implementation subsidies to physicians. Although this incentive may seem appealing, many questions have been raised—all of them boiling down to the same basic concern: Will this system truly meet practice needs? The following are some questions you and your physicians should discuss before deciding if [...]

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