What It Means to Be a Government-Certified EHR

What It Means to Be a Government-Certified EHR
There are hundreds of certified EHR systems available in the industry. Some target specific medical specialties and/or practice sizes, others are primary-care focused, and still others are better suited for hospitals. Regardless of their specialty, however, most systems boast of increasing revenue, lowering administrative costs, improving quality of care, and delivering meaningful use to your practice.

But do all government-certified EHRs deliver the promises stated above? Sadly, no. Not all certified EHRs are created equal.

So, what should a government-certified EHR offer?

  • The right software, information, and tools to meet the meaningful use requirements and qualify for the government EHR incentives
  • High-performance technology to digitally organize, sort, store, and analyze patient information
  • Robust functionality to track patient demographics, medications, and histories; to manage tests, labs, and e-prescribing; and to deliver enhanced patient care
  • Assurance for physicians and patients that the EHR system they use is secure, confidentially maintained, and interoperable across different platforms
  • Deep understanding of practice workflow to increase practice productivity, efficiency, and growth
  • Detailed data analysis and reporting functionality
  • Enhancements for accountable health care delivery

In addition to these capabilities, the EHR vendor should have a successful implementation track record and a highly rated and expertly trained support staff.

EHR vendors should also consider future required data-exchange capabilities and build in data-sharing capabilities.

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