Medical Marketing: Top 5 Sections to Include on Your Website

Medical Marketing: Top 5 Sections to Include on Your Website
In March, we reviewed how to turn bad online reviews into good ones. This month, we are covering the top 5 sections to include on your website and why each is valuable. Each section serves a distinct function and helps boost your medical practice’s accessibility for patients, as well as its visibility for potential patients.

Here are the top 5 navigational sections to include on your medical practice’s website:

  1. Locations
    Always include contact information for your medical practice. This includes the address, telephone number, fax number, e-mail address, and business hours. For practices with a single site location, you can get away with combining your contact information with your “Contact Us” page, but for larger practices with multiple locations, having a “Locations” page and including contact information for each satellite location is important. This will make it easier for patients to reach you and find out where your offices are. Extra tip: In addition, always include your phone number and address in the footer or header of every page on your website.
  2. Physicians
    Include a section on your website that is dedicated to your physicians. Focus a page on each individual physician, and include details like a photo, where the physician went to school, how long he/she has been practicing, any particular specialties or procedures, any accolades, and any community activities. If you are a solo practitioner, you can combine your physician biography with your “About Us” page. Remember: Patients like to research doctors before selecting one, especially to see whether the physician is Board-certified and to develop a sense of comfort. It’s estimated that 47% of adults use the Internet to find information about physicians and health professionals.
  3. About Us
    This page reinforces the trust factor. It should provide information about your practice—what services you provide and what makes your practice special. This can include the type of patients your practice serves, specific areas of expertise, how long the practice has been operational, any awards received, and its long-term goals and missions. Be sure to include a link to your contact information (either your “Locations” or “Contact Us” page). The “About Us” page should reflect the practice—take the opportunity to engage readers with the story of how the practice started and the people behind it. When patients can relate to you and your practice and feel like they know you, they are more likely to trust you and use your services.
  4. Contact Us
    Include a “Contact Us” page so patients can easily reach your practice by Web, e-mail, or phone. Include an easy-to-complete Web form for patients to submit questions—include fields like name, telephone number, e-mail address, and an area for comments/inquiries. Also include your practice’s contact information or a link to your “Locations” page in case they do not want to submit a Web inquiry. Providing easy access to contact the practice is key to attaining a larger patient base.
  5. Make an Appointment
    For practices with a patient portal, this link should redirect patients there. For practices that currently do not have a patient portal, make it easy to schedule appointments. Having a “Make an Appointment” section provides a strong visual call to action to visitors. In addition, it adds to the ease of use—not only will visitors find this helpful, but they will gain the impression that your practice is state-of-the-art.

Each of the 5 sections above adds credible information to your practice’s website and helps market your practice to a wider patient base.

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