Medical Marketing: The Basics and More

Medical Marketing BasicsWelcome to our monthly medical marketing series! In the initial e-mails, we will provide an overview of the basics, and we’ll follow up with more in-depth medical marketing concepts in the coming months.

As a medical practice, it’s important to successfully market yourself in order to attract new patients and physician referrals. A robust, organized, and distinctive marketing strategy will pave the way for practice growth, increase patient preservation, and inspire your staff. So how do you create a marketing plan that works for your practice?

Here are 5 ways you can develop an affordable marketing strategy that will help build your practice credibility and secure your future.

  1. Get an image—Brand your practice. This will be one of the most important investments you’ll make. Keep in mind the three C’s: clarity, consistency, and connection. You want a high-quality design that sets your practice’s identity apart from your competition, and then you want to use it comprehensively. Professional designs that are used consistently become memorable. With familiarity comes trust—and a great way to build your reputation.
  2. Get noticed—Create concise and clear copy about your practice. You’ll need messaging for your brochures, printed materials, and website. If you aren’t a great writer, you can hire a freelance copywriter. The key to successful marketing material is to emphasize the benefits of your practice in a thoughtful and cohesive way. It’s a great way for you to present who and what your practice is about.
  3. Get found—Create a website. At the very minimum, it is essential to have a website for your practice. If you don’t have the start-up cash to hire a web developer, don’t worry! You can create a simple but professional-looking website through a content management system like WordPress or Blogger.Remember to include your address, contact number, e-mail address, business hours, names and biographies of physicians at your practice, treatments that you provide, and a contact form so visitors can submit their inquiries on your website.Why? It’s estimated that 47% of adults use the Internet to find information about physicians and health professionals, and 38% search for information about hospitals and medical facilities.
  4. Get listed—Use health directories for free. If you’re just starting out or are new at marketing yourself and/or your practice, you can create free physician profiles on health directories like or These listings are great because they are free and patients or potential patients can find your information easily, validating your credentials.
  5. Get smart—Monitor your online reputation. With social media and review and ranking sites, checking your online reputation is easy. Popular rating sites include,,, and So what do you do if you find a negative review? Remember that negative reviews provide an opportunity to correct problems and improve your reputation. Practices that resolve issues quickly see the most positive turnaround.

Make sure to read the next edition of our monthly medical marketing series to find out exactly how to turn a negative review into a positive outcome.

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