Managing Meaningful Use: Customer Support Is Imperative

Managing Meaningful Use: Customer Support Is Imperative
Partnering with an EHR vendor who lives up to the promise of providing high-quality customer service assures that your practice will experience long-lasting success. Furthermore, high-quality customer service means providing the resources to help you navigate, understand, and fulfill the meaningful use requirements.

Why is customer support so important when it comes to meaningful use?

Vendor support plays a crucial role in successfully achieving meaningful use. An educated and well-trained support staff with an eager-to-please (ETP) attitude will be able to guide your practice through the program so you will receive the incentive money that you’ve opted to pursue.

Does your EHR vendor provide the resources and support necessary to help you successfully manage meaningful use?

  1. Updates and explanations of new and existing government rules and regulations
    Government rules and regulations are not just complex; they are constantly changing. Therefore, the value of an EHR vendor who keeps your practice up to date with the evolving and increasingly stringent meaningful use requirements cannot be overstated.
  2. Educational webinars
    Do you have questions about the meaningful use rules? Educational webinars are a great resource—they provide opportunities for the vendor to explain the program, the specific rules, and demonstrate how to best to use the software to achieve meaningful use. Webinars also provide the forum for you to ask questions and receive immediate answers. Make sure your vendor offers them.
  3. Client knowledgebase of pertinent information
    A comprehensive library filled with the latest information will simplify keeping up with new rules and regulations. Your EHR vendor should aggregate the most important information and present it in an easy-to-follow format so your practice stays ahead of the curve.
  4. Account Manager
    Your EHR Account Manager will be your most trusted resource while you pursue meaningful use. Your Account Manager will help you find answers to your questions, offer expertise in processes, and explain how the EHR can best support your efforts.
  5. Government Affairs Specialist
    When selecting an EHR, you should choose a vendor that has dedicated an individual—or better yet, a department—solely to reading and understanding the massive set of rules and regulations. Furthermore, they should educate both you, the client, and their own internal staff so they can offer professional guidance. A Government Affair Specialist will keep you informed about government programs, offer valuable insights, and provide crucial guidance for your physicians and entire practice.

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