Has Your EHR Broken Your Heart?

Does your EHR provide the understanding, communication, and support that it initially promised? Or have you discovered your EHR’s hidden dark side—it demands too much of your time and energy and doesn’t give you enough back in return? Now that you’re past the honeymoon stage, is your relationship broken beyond Cupid’s repair?

Has Your EHR Broken Your Heart?Here are 5 signs that your EHR may be leading you down the road to heartbreak:

1) Your vendor is emotionally unavailable
Once upon a time you shared e-mails, phone conversations, occasional luncheons, and site visits with your EHR vendor. Now, when you need them most, your calls go straight to voicemail. They won’t pick up, or even return your calls in a timely manner.

2) When did it get so temperamental?
Problems are piling up at your practice. Your system has started displaying unexpected quirks and bugs that demand too much time and leave you mentally drained. Even at its best, your EHR won’t play nice with your other software, making you switch back and forth between programs. Worst of all, your EHR vendor isn’t offering any solutions, or even apologies.

3) Your EHR is inflexible and won’t meet you halfway
It turns out your EHR system is not as user friendly as you initially thought. Instead of conforming to your workflow, your EHR demands that you adapt to it, and you’re spending more time learning the system than actually using it. There are too many windows, drop-down menus, and excessive clicking, and nothing is as seamless and easy to use as you were assured.

4) Why can’t we just get along?
Your physicians and staff are in anguish because they simply don’t “get” the EHR system. Maybe half of your office is still using paper charts while the other half is struggling to maintain patient data in one piece—leaving you hopelessly divided about the future of your EHR relationship. As a consequence, productivity levels across the entire practice have plummeted. Your patient volume continues to decline due to increased data entry and a profound disruption to workflows.

5) It’s all work and no play
When was the last time you came home to enjoy dinner before the sun went down, attended your child’s sports or school event, or had enough time to play golf at your leisure? Instead, you find yourself staying after work to catch up on data entry, return phone calls, and review documentation.

Your EHR should streamline your practice workload, increase your productivity, and give your physicians and staff the time to focus on more important things—including enjoying a better quality of life. Your EHR should NOT be creating extra trouble for you or your staff.

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