Top 10 EHR Topics of 2011

Top 10 EHR Topics of 2011It has been a productive year for our blog, leaving us with a great deal of enthusiasm for 2012. But before we move forward, we’d like to share the most popular EHR and EMR topics of 2011.

Here are 10 of our most memorable and popular posts of 2011:

10) EMR and EHR: Where Are You Getting Your Information?

Given the complexities facing medical practices today, many physicians and administrators are looking to external resources for information and education…read more

9) Meaningful Use Workflow… How Meaningful Is It to You?

Is demonstrating meaningful use important to you? Are you concerned about decreased levels of productivity and being forced to change your normal workflow…read more

8) 12 Crucial Questions to Ask EHR References

In your search for the best EHR for your practice, you’ve hopefully already asked EHR vendors our 10 key questions (see #3 below). Now it’s time to see if their responses live up to your expectations…read more

7) Don’t Sit on the EHR Fence Too Long

When it comes time for medical practices to select an EHR, some physicians and administrators prefer to sit on the fence. Purchasers must be wary about waiting too long—especially if they have the government’s EHR incentives in mind…read more

6) Do You Recognize the 5 Early Warning Signs of EHR Failure?

Upon implementing an EHR system, you should experience increased productivity, streamlined workflow, and seamless integration with other software platforms. But what if you don’t? What signs should you look for to avoid EHR failure?…read more

5) 5 Crucial Categories Missing from your EHR RFP

Requesting an RFP—the document that’s meant to help you determine if an EHR has what you need to meet your EHR and practice goals—should help you weed out inappropriate EHR contenders…read more

4) 10 EHR Benefits That Will Get Your Doctors on the EHR Bandwagon

Even with the government’s EHR incentives (and eventual penalties for not implementing a certified EHR), many doctors across the country remain undecided…read more

3) Finding the Best EHR for Your Medical Practice: 10 Key Questions to Ask EHR Vendors

Selecting an EHR system for your practice can be difficult and time-consuming—every vendor claims to have the best EHR system on the market. So how do you choose the best EHR for your practice?…read more

2) Is It Time to Break Up with Your EHR Vendor?

We’ve talked about the good, the bad, and the ugly EHR stories we’ve heard over the years. If your experience falls into the “bad” or the “ugly” categories…read more

1) EHR: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly – Real Life Stories

In 14 years of business, we’ve heard thousands of EHR stories from physicians, administrators, and other medical staff. We’ve noticed a few clear trends as the stories fall into 3 distinct categories…read more

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