Is it Time? – Assessing Your EHR Readiness

It’s the New Year—time to set new goals and make some important EHR decisions.

Assessing Your EHR ReadinessAre you ready to take the EHR plunge? Take a moment to evaluate your current situation and status:

  • Have you reached peak productivity levels within your practice?
  • Is your current technology enhancing the way you practice medicine, or is it dictating how you practice?
  • Could you improve your current workflow?
  • Are you participating in the government EHR incentive program?
  • Most importantly, do you want to improve the quality and effectiveness of patient care in your practice?

If you want to improve in any of the areas above, you’re ready to welcome the benefits of electronic information exchange.

So, how ready is your practice? Here are 5 questions that serve as preliminary, professional guidelines to determine if your practice is ready for an EHR:

  1. Would you like to improve the organization and documentation of administrative tasks and assignments?
  2. Are you looking to enhance your current clinical workflow for physicians and staff?
  3. Would you like to improve the process for data collection and make reporting more efficient?
  4. Would you like your staff to be more comfortable with computer systems and technology?
  5. Does your practice have the resources to purchase and implement new hardware and/or software programs?

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