Take Advantage of Delay in HIPAA 5010 Enforcement

HIPAA 5010 deadline extended to March 2012If you were concerned about the HIPAA 5010 enforcement deadline—good news! The Centers of Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has announced their decision to extend the deadline until March 31, 2012.

Why the delay? CMS decided on a flexible enforcement period in response to feedback from MGMA and others that showed initial testing had not proved successful. In actuality, results from the tests indicated that some industry sectors are simply not ready to comply with the new standards; citing the volume of transactions, number of submitters, and other testing data.

How does this work in your favor? If you are looking to change practice management systems because your current vendor can’t provide a 5010-compliant version in time, or because you don’t want to spend additional money on upgrading your hardware to handle the vendor’s upgrade, you have not missed the boat to make a change! You now have a little more breathing room. But don’t hesitate to take advantage of this window of opportunity.

Additional information on Version 5010 including helpful checklists are available in the MGMA 5010 resource center.

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