EHR Adaptability: Are Your Physicians Crushed or at Ease?

Adaptability. 1: able to adjust to new conditions; 2. able to be modified for a new purpose

When implementing an electronic health record (EHR) into your medical practice, remember who should be the one doing the adapting. Your medical staff and physicians shouldn’t have to adapt to the EHR system; the system should adapt to them!

It is an industry-wide belief that your practice will need a protracted period of time to adjust to the changes foisted on it by a new EHR. We believe the EHR system should adapt to your current workflow so productivity isn’t negatively affected, but rather improved from the first day of use.

So how do you ensure that your physicians and staff, and especially you, are not crushed by a lack of EHR adaptability? Make sure to concentrate on:

  • EHR usability – Effectively integrating an EHR into your practice’s workflow is completely dependent upon the usability of the EHR. Pay special attention to both functionality and ease of use of the EHR. Read our 5 essential EHR usability elements.
  • Client references – Hearing firsthand from other administrators and physicians in your specialty how their EHR works in their practice will provide you with an unbiased, accurate impression of usage, adaptability, and functionality. It either confirms or discredits the sales pitch you received from the vendor and gets to the real-life feedback.
  • First-class support – Possessing confidence you can call or e-mail support at any time, and trust that the EHR vendor’s support team will resolve your issue when you report it, impacts your practice’s productivity and workflow. Concentrate on whether their support is highly rated or you run the risk of being left alone when a problem occurs.

An EHR system should not add stress to your staff and physicians. When the right EHR is implemented into your practice, it should positively impact patient volume, streamline workflow processes, strengthen your practice’s bottom line, and—most importantly—enhance patient care.

Listen to your colleagues’ experiences, participate in listserve discussions, and seek out happy and satisfied EHR users. Then leverage this information to identify the most adaptable EHR and save your practice from being crushed.

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