EMR and EHR: Where Are You Getting Your Information?

Given the complexities of medical practice today, many physicians and administrators are forced to look to external resources for information and education:

  • Consultants
  • Other practices and colleagues
  • Professional societies and the member meetings

With the breadth of topics to cover, however, these sources don’t have the resources to become experts on every subject. Ask physicians about treating patients and they’ll answer in a heartbeat—ask them about meaningful use and they may be at a loss. Ask your billing consultants about the best way to code an exam and you’ll hear an efficient plan. Ask them to explain how all your equipment and external sources will integrate with an EHR and how it will impact physician workflow, and they may have to defer to the IT and workflow specialists.

So who should you trust as your EHR source?
Look to credible EHR sources that have relationships with professionals in your specialty. Colleagues who have completed a comprehensive due diligence process and are continuing to search out the most updated information available can also be valuable resources. You can also seek consultants who are dedicated to the specific area for which their expertise and guidance is being sought.

Where do you look to find these EHR sources?
There’s a multitude of resources out there in the market. On a peer level, many physicians and administrators are active on medical listservs such as MGMA and AAOE where you will hear real-life EHR stories and experiences that you’ll want to consider. LinkedIn also has active discussion groups that offer a forum to ask questions and learn from others.

In addition, many websites and blogs have been created to share and interpret relevant EHR information from government resources. Just keep in mind that the information presented should come from a trusted source without much interpretation.

At SRS, we are dedicated to educating our clients and prospective clients. Our Government Affairs Team is immersed daily in the details of the government’s healthcare-related programs and continually advocates on behalf of physicians and medical practices. As a result, we are constantly up to date with the latest government affairs and have made all the pertinent information available in our Gov’t Affairs learning section of our website. The section includes information about:

Understanding the increasing volume of information pertaining to the EHR industry is a considerable challenge to undertake. It is only wise to invest your time in credible EHR resources. The information provided on government websites can certainly be a task to break down. Find an EHR resource that clearly and concisely interprets the wide variety of information that is available. And again, be sure the EHR resources in which you confide are trusted.

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