Meaningful Use Workflow: How Are You Allocating Your Resources

Medical practices nationwide are developing plans to allocate their resources to successfully address meaningful use tasks and responsibilities. If you are pursuing the EHR incentives, make sure you are completely confident with your answers to these questions:

  1. Do you understand how the meaningful use requirements apply to your specialty?
  2. Do you know which measures your specialty can potentially exclude?
  3. Is your EHR vendor helping you allocate your resources so you can achieve meaningful use in an efficient and productive manner?

Understanding how each meaningful use requirement applies to your specialty and the impact its successful completion will have on your practice workflow is of paramount importance. Additionally, identifying which meaningful use requirements your practice can potentially exclude will help maximize physician and staff workflow efficiency and help you to obtain the EHR incentives in the most productive manner.

Your EHR vendor should willingly provide your practice with detailed guidance on how to fine-tune your resources and help you allocate responsibilities throughout your practice to ensure a practical meaningful use workflow. Make sure your vendor has the knowledge about the workflow of your particular specialty. For example, ask your vendor for a list of references in your particular specialty and practice size. Furthermore, your vendor should be familiar with the nuances of your practice so that their guidance will help you capitalize on the strengths of individual staff members and teams. Ultimately, the goal is to meet the meaningful use requirements as efficiently and effectively as possible without disrupting your practice workflow.

Take a look at these meaningful use workflow pie charts by specialty. See how your practice can achieve meaningful use in the most efficient manner by capitalizing on the available meaningful use exclusions and sharing the responsibilities among staff members to increase productivity.

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